Hunter Biden, Ihor Kolomoysky, and Vladimir Zelensky
(L-R) Hunter Biden, Ihor Kolomoysky, and Vladimir Zelensky
Kolomoysky Owns Burisma Holdings

The real person who was the benefactor to, and the boss of, Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, was not the CEO of Burisma Holdings, Mykola Zlochevsky, but it was instead Ihor Kolomoysky, who was part of the newly installed Ukrainian Government, which the Obama Administration itself had actually just installed in Ukraine, in what the head of the "private CIA" firm Stratfor correctly called "the most blatant coup in history."

Shortly after the Obama Administration's Ukrainian coup, on March 2, 2014, Kolomoysky, who supported Yanukovych's overthrow, was appointed the governor of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Hunter Biden, with no experience in the industry or region, would join Kolomoysky's Burisma Holdings two months later on May 12, 2014.

A 2012 study of Burisma Holdings done in Ukraine by the AntiCorruption Action Centre (ANTAC), an investigative nonprofit co-funded by American billionaire George Soros and the U.S. State Department, found that the true owner of Burisma Holdings was none other than Ukrainian billionaire-oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky.

The study, which was funded to dig up corruption on the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, instead found that Ihor Kolomoysky "managed to seize the largest reserves of natural gas in Ukraine".

Burisma Holdings changed owners in 2011 when it was taken over by an off-shore Cyprus enterprise called Brociti Investments Ltd, and subsequently, moved addresses under the same roof as Ukrnaftoburinnya and Esko-Pivnich, two Ukrainian gas companies which happened to be also owned by Kolomoysky through off-shore entities in the British Virgin Islands.

Oleh Kanivets, who worked as CEO of Ukrnaftoburinnya, confirmed Kolomoysky as the owner of Burisma Holding in the 2012 report saying, "The Privat Group is the immediate owner. This company was founded by Mykola Zlochevsky some time ago, but he later sold his shares to the Privat Group."

In other words, Hunter Biden's boss and benefactor at Burisma Holdings is the same Ukrainian billionaire-oligarch who also claimed the position of boss and benefactor over Volodymyr Zelensky before he became Ukraine's president.

Kolomoysky Owns 1+1 Media Group

Kolmoysky, who currently holds a net worth of $1.8 billion making him the 1750th richest person in the world, owns holdings in metal, petroleum, and the media sector, where he has had a long history with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

For years, Zelensky's company produced shows for Kolmoysky's TV network, 1+1 Media Group, one of the largest media conglomerates in Ukraine. Zelensky achieved national fame portraying a president on a hit television sitcom called, Servant of the People, which was broadcasted on a channel owned by Kolmoysky.

In 2019, Kolmoysky's media channels gave a big boost to Zelensky's presidential campaign, while Kolmoysky even provided security, lawyers, and vehicles for Zelensky during his campaign. Kolmoysky's bodyguard and lawyer accompanied Zelensky on the campaign trail as Zelensky was chauffeured around in a Range Rover owned by one of Kolmoysky's companies.

The Pandora Papers showed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his TV production partners were beneficiaries of a web of offshore firms created in 2012, the same year Zelensky's production company entered into a deal with Kolomoysky's media group, which allegedly received $41 million in funds from Kolomoysky's Privatbank.

Zelensky's political rival, President Petro Poroshenko commented on their connection during the campaign trail, "Fate intended to put me together with Kolomoyskiy's puppet in the second round of the elections."

After Zelensky's victory, Kolomoysky, who had spent the last few years living between Israel and Switzerland, returned to Ukraine to keep up his relationship with the new president, nominating over 30-lawmakers to Zelensky's newly established party and maintaining influence with many of them in parliament.

Kolomoysky Funds The Azov, Aidar, and Dnipro Battalions

Igor Kolomoysky has been a top funder of the Azov Battalion since it was formed in 2014. He has also bankrolled private militias like the Dnipro and Aidar Battalions and has personally deployed them to protect his financial interests.

Before becoming part of Ukraine's armed forces, who funded Azov? The unit received backing from Ukraine's interior minister in 2014, as the government had recognised its own military was too weak to fight off the pro-Russian separatists and relied on paramilitary volunteer forces.

These forces were privately funded by oligarchs-the most known being Igor Kolomoisky, an energy magnate billionaire and then-governor of the Dnipropetrovska region.
Groups of right-wing Ukrainian nationalists are committing war crimes in the rebel-held territories of Eastern Ukraine, according to a report from Amnesty International, as evidence emerged in local media of the volunteer militias beheading their victims.

Armed volunteers who refer to themselves as the Aidar battalion "have been involved in widespread abuses, including abductions, unlawful detention, ill-treatment, theft, extortion, and possible executions", Amnesty said...

The Aidar battalion is publicly backed by Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who also allegedly funds the Azov, Donbas, Dnepr 1, Dnepr 2 volunteer battalions, operating under orders from Kiev.
Some of Ukraine's private battalions have blackened the country's international reputation with their extremist views. The Azov battalion, partially funded by Taruta and Kolomoisky, uses the Nazi Wolfsangel symbol as its logo, and many of its members openly espouse neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic views. The battalion members have spoken about "bringing the war to Kiev," and said that Ukraine needs "a strong dictator to come to power who could shed plenty of blood but unite the nation in the process."
Kolomoysky's Battalions Shell Civilians In Donbas

The Luhansk and Donetsk regions comprise a larger region known together as Donbas. In May 2014, shortly after the Obama administration's Maidan-coup, the two regions held a referendum on seceding from Ukraine, in which 96% of Lukansk and 89% of Donetsk voted for the creation of two new independent entities in eastern Ukraine.

Moscow said the vote reflected the "will of the people," but the European Union called the elections "illegal and illegitimate", which quickly turned violent and descended into an all-out conflict between Russian-backed separatist forces and the Ukrainian military and pro-government militias.
donbas Ukraine
Donbas became the epicenter of a battle for global influence between NATO and Moscow in which the homes, schools, and offices of innocent civilians were simply collateral damage, and water, electricity, and gas were regularly shut off for the residents who paid the ultimate price.

The War in Donbas has continued to this day killing an estimated 14,000 while tearing eastern Ukraine's Donbas region into shreds.

Human Rights Watch reported on July 24, 2014, that Ukrainian government forces and pro-government militias had indiscriminately used unguided Grad rockets in populated areas, which violated international humanitarian law, the laws of war, and constituted war crimes.

While the Ukrainian government officials denied using Grad rockets in Donetsk, a Human Rights Watch investigation on the ground strongly indicated that Ukrainian government forces were responsible for the attacks and earlier in the month, Al Jazeera journalist had even filmed Ukrainian forces with Grad rocket launchers on the road to Donetsk.

While Kolomoysky's Azov battalion led the post-coup government's assault on the self-declared republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, a 2014 Amnesty International report accused Kolomoysky's Aidar Battalion of war crimes in Donbas specifically citing, "widespread abuses, including abductions, unlawful detention, ill-treatment, theft, extortion, and possible executions".

In October 2014, Human Rights Watch reported that Ukrainian government forces and pro-government militias were responsible for the widespread use of cluster munitions in populated areas in Donetsk city.

"It is shocking to see a weapon that most countries have banned used so extensively in eastern Ukraine," said Mark Hiznay, senior arms researcher at Human Rights Watch. "Ukrainian authorities should make an immediate commitment not to use cluster munitions and join the treaty to ban them."

This is not to say that both sides were not guilty of war crimes as Russian-backed separatists were also accused of using unguided rockets, shooting down civilian planes, and both sides have been accused of numerous war crimes.

The Minsk II agreement in 2015 ended the worst fighting and set up a buffer zone around the breakaway republics, but the deadly civil war has continued to drag on in the region until this day. Heavy weapons were banned by the Minsk agreements but were still frequently used, and to devastating effect.

Children's schools in Donetsk have been hit so many times by indiscriminate shelling that basements are set up as make-shift bomb shelters and windows are piled high with sandbags. Donbas has also become one of the most landmine contaminated places on earth putting more than 220,000 children at risk.

"The shelling doesn't leave a child's psyche unscathed. Children are traumatized. They are terrified. There are children who become very emotional. They pour their feelings out," said Iryna Morhun, the Principal of Krasnohorivka School, which was hit by a direct strike.

"On the other side, there are children who keep this pain inside. It's very sad to see children who should be having a happy childhood suffer because of this war."

Hunter Biden's Laptop Talks About "Children Burned Alive" In Donetsk

The nonprofit research group, Marco Polo, which is doing a comprehensive report on Hunter Biden's laptop, made the connection between Hunter Biden's text messages and Kolomoysky's massacres in eastern Ukraine.

Text messages found on Hunter Biden's laptop, show Hunter Biden asking Hallie Biden, his brother's widow and his mistress, if she believed that he had "children burned alive in DONETSK" or "children killed in donetsk, Ukraine".

Most likely, in reference to Kolomoysky, his reported Burisma Holdings boss, who was also funding the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion that was accused of war crimes and the shelling of civilians in eastern Ukraine.

In 2018, Congress banned U.S. arms from going to the Ukrainian Azov Battalion which used neo-Nazi insignia, openly accepted neo-Nazis into its ranks, and had been accused of 'ISIS-Style' War Crimes including beheadings.

"White supremacy and neo-Nazism are unacceptable and have no place in our world," Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), an outspoken critic of providing lethal aid to Ukraine, said in a statement to The Hill on Tuesday. "I am very pleased that the recently passed omnibus prevents the U.S. from providing arms and training assistance to the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion fighting in Ukraine."
text messages biden laptop ukraine children
Text messages between Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden.
In 2016, Kolomoysky's Privatbank collapsed amid accusations of embezzlement and fraud. The bank failure cost the Ukrainian government — and by extension the American and European taxpayers who propped it up with aid funds — about $5.5 billion in a bailout.

In 2020, the Justice Department moved to seize Kolomoysky's U.S. properties after accusing the oligarch of embezzling and defrauding billions of dollars from PrivatBank and laundering it into American properties, including a steel plant in Kentucky, a commercial high rise in Cleveland, and a Motorola manufacturing plant in Illinois.
ukraine money laundering
© Michael Sallah
Source: Investigative Journalist Michael Sallah

In March 2021, the Biden administration barred Kolomoisky and members of his family from traveling to the United States because of "involvement in significant acts of corruption."

It is highly unlikely Kolomoisky would have returned to the United States considering the Justice Department had already begun seizing his properties the year before and he had reportedly been traveling between Switzerland, Israel, and Ukraine in fear of being extradited to the United States.

As I am writing this, the U.S. Congress is approving another $14 billion in aid for Ukraine that will undoubtedly be funneled into the family members of corrupt U.S. and Ukrainian politician's bank accounts and oligarch's off-shore financial entities before making its way to the neo-Nazi battalions congress banned from receiving U.S. arms in 2018.

Do the people pushing so hard for war with Russia know about the "children burned alive" in Donetsk? Do they know that we are arming neo-Nazi battalions who have been shooting rockets and dropping cluster bombs on children in Donbas for the last 8-years?