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During a round of interviews on Monday, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla unleashed several truth bombs on an unsuspecting corporate press audience, seemingly sowing doubt into the idea that his own COVID shots are "effective," unless the individual has had at least 3 doses.

[An earlier version of this post misinterpreted Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla's English. It seemed like he was sowing doubt about the safety of his own COVID shots. Instead, he was alluding to a "safety profile" issue regarding his competitor's current shingles vaccination (Shingrix is made by Pfizer competitor GSK and it has 90% market share), which he claimed can be solved with mRNA.]
The Pfizer chief appeared on Squawk Box this morning after the company announced several agreements in the fields of gene editing, with the hopes to use these technologies to bolster the mRNA platform for their COVID shots.

Pfizer headline
Yes, Pfizer is seeking partners in order to explore ways to actively change people's DNA. This idea, if you recall, was once dismissed by the corporate press as an unhinged conspiracy theory.

But that was only half the story.

Pfizer CEO
Seemingly hooked to a truth serum device, the Pfizer CEO then said in a Yahoo finance interview that two Pfizer mRNA shots — which he once claimed were 100% effective at preventing the disease — now only "offers very limited protection, if any."

He said this in the context of pushing for a new round of shots for the Omicron variant.

Truly, unbelievable stuff. In a series of interviews, Bourla attempted to change the entire COVID narrative, while simultaneously sowing incredible doubt about the efficacy of his current product line up.

Here's the link to the full CNBC interview.