Negotiations Vienna
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Negotiations to revive Iran's nuclear program in Vienna
Germany's Foreign Ministry has said that it does not consider Iran's proposals regarding its nuclear program acceptable and expects Tehran to return to international negotiations with "realistic" bargaining positions.

A ministry spokeswoman said on December 6:
"We reviewed the proposals...carefully and thoroughly, and concluded that Iran violated almost all compromises found previously in months of hard negotiations. The proposals were not a basis for a successful end to talks."
Negotiations in Vienna aimed a resurrecting the stalled 2015 nuclear deal got off to a rocky start last week.

The United States, which left the agreement in 2018 but which is open to rejoining the pact under President Joe Biden, accused Iran of not being seriously interested in a new deal.

Iran, which has refused to participate in direct talks with Washington, has said that there can be no new deal unless all punitive sanctions imposed against Tehran are lifted.

Iran agreed to curbs on its controversial nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief under the original deal worked out between Iran and world powers.

Negotiations are scheduled to resume this week.