This stunning fireball was spotted over Spain on 26 Nov. 2021 at 21:26 local time ( 20:26universal time). It was produced by a rock (a meteoroid) from a comet that hit the atmosphere at about 101,000 km / h. The event overflew the province of Albacete (region of Castilla-La Mancha).

It began at an altitude of about 107 km over the southeast of Albacete, moved west, and ended at a height of around 59 km over the southwest of the same province. The event was recorded in the framework of the SMART project, operated by the Southwestern Europe Meteor Network (SWEMN). The event has been analyzed by the principal investigator of the SMART project: Dr. Jose M. Madiedo, from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC).

This spectacular fireball flew over the province of Albacete on November 26 at21:26Spanish peninsular local time. Many people were able to see this fireball, which showed several explosions throughout its trajectory.
Most of these witnesses, who immediately echoed the phenomenon on social networks, were mostly in the central and southern areas of the country. The fireball was produced as a result of the entry into the Earth's atmosphere of a fragment (a meteoroid) from a comet at a speed of about 101,000 kilometers per hour.

The luminous phenomenon began at an altitude of about 107 km over the southeast of the province of Albacete, near the vertical of the town of Cancarix. From there it advanced westward, showing several explosions along its trajectory as a consequence of the sudden fragmentation of the rock in the atmosphere. It ended up being extinguished at an altitude of about 59 km on the southwest of the aforementioned province, almost on the vertical of the town of Rala.