The lies of those with vested interests are being exposed — more and more people are realizing that the rules of humankind are malleable, that there is no fixed authority requiring religious-like adherence. The days of multinational conglomerates paying governments to push profitable falsehoods at the detriment of the human race are coming to an end. The average Joe, in enough numbers, can impart change — this epiphany is dawning on people, and it's giving me a shit-load of hope.


As 'our betters' in Glasgow bemoan the impacts of global warming in, among other places, Siberia: "the planet's last great wilderness", northern Russia has actually been experiencing extraordinary lows for the time of year.

On October 31, -36.8C (-34.2F) was registered in Delyankir.

The infamous Verkhoyansk logged -36.6C (-33.9F).

A frigid -36.4C (-33.5F) was observed in Susuman.

While Oymyakon took the cherry with a reading of -38.9C (-38F) on Nov 1 — almost 10C below the seasonal average

Looking ahead, northern Russia's bout of anomalous cold won't abate anytime soon.

It's actually set to intensify.

As revealed by the latest GFS run (shown below), blues and pinks are forecast to sweep northern/central/southern Russia as well as the majority of Kazakhstan as the month of November progresses:


GFS 2m Temp Anomalies (C) Nov 3 [].


Accompanying the cold, heavy snow is also forecast to pound the Asian continent over the coming weeks:


GFS Total Snowfall (cm) Nov 1 - Nov 17 [].

Such impressive accumulations will only add to what is already an above-average snowfall season across the Northern Hemisphere. Looking at the latest 'Total Snow Mass' chart (shown below), courtesy of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, NH snow has been tracking above the 1982-2012 average since the season began more than a month ago:


[Finnish Meteorological Institute]

Regardless of the warm-mongering rhetoric spewing from COP26, the reality portrayed in the above chart was a considered a complete impossibility under the teachings of the original anthropogenic global warming theory compiled by the IPCC.

The narrative has shifted since then though - with the science still struggling to catch up - and now any and all weather events are the result of human carbon dioxide emissions - including above-average snowfall across an entire hemisphere and record-breaking, deadly freezes such as that suffered in Texas in February.

This is the perverse reality we're all existing in, and merely questioning it sees you labelled a "denier" and exiled from society. But as hinted at above, this paradigm is shifting and more and more people are self-exiling: hordes of once dutiful and compliant citizens are quitting their jobs and escaping the cities. COP26 is the latest indication of this shift. The event, despite the best efforts of the MSM, has garnered very little widespread appeal — people just don't care what politicians have to say anymore, on any topic. Politicians, like pop-scientists, have let the people down — they are now seen for exactly what they are: paid mouthpieces for the powerful.

There is a snowball building. A revolution is brewing. The elite's desperation is palpable — you can see it in the Totalitarian measures currently being implement around the world. All we need do is stand up and say no, collectively — there are more of us and our numbers are growing with each and every passing day. Find like-minded people in your area, and make a change. Failing that, just don't play their games — resist.


And finally, projections for the arriving X-Flare were wrong — the Coronal Mass Ejection missed Earth, for the most part.

I guess we should be thankful.

But still, I was keen for an update re the strength of our planet's magnetosphere.

The CME was indeed a rather big one, but 1) it arrived later than expected, and 2) it only clipped us, briefly sparking a G1 geomagnetic storm (far from the G3 that was expected). Overall, the official predictions from NOAA and the like were off, and by some magnitude, which has actually been the case for the past few solar flares. But rather than pointing out the inadequacies of NOAA, I think this should instead serves as indication of just how far we have to go, of how little we know, and of how notions of 'settled science', in any field, are utterly absurd and fraudulent.