new mexico vaccination
Less than a third of students from New Mexico State University submitted proof of vaccination before the deadline.

The school released preliminary data that showed just over 30 percent, or 6,500 students, submitted proof of vaccination by the Sept. 30 deadline.

"Our student vaccine card upload numbers are not where we want them to be right now based on this early data - and that's not unexpected," Jon Webster, NMSU system COVID-19 project manager, said.

"We're continuing to reach out to students through text message, email, social media, digital signs, and many other communication channels," he added.

Webster added that the school still needs to review and verify the submissions that were received.

The school has also given students the option to get tested weekly instead of submitting proof of vaccination, but it is unclear how many students will opt for weekly testing.

If a student does not upload their vaccination status or submit to weekly testing, they will be expelled from the institution.

The deadline to choose weekly testing is Oct. 7.

Following the Oct. 7 deadline, the university said in a statement that staff will commence a process to analyze data and figure out which students and staff are not in compliance with COVID-19 protocols. For those who are not in compliance, "correct action" can be taken.

Webster noted that though the Sept. 30 vaccine documentation deadline has passed, proof of vaccination can still be submitted.

"Once they are fully vaccinated - so two weeks after their vaccine series is complete - they can upload their card and will no longer be required to submit a weekly test result," Webster said. "It's not too late to avoid the hassle of weekly testing by getting vaccinated."

Over 72 percent of New Mexico State University's employees have submitted their proof of vaccination.