Larry Elder and eggtosser
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Larry Elder is escorted by a security guard on Wednesday in Venice after a woman in the gorilla mask, at right, threw an egg at him.
California Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder claimed Thursday that an incident where a white woman wearing a gorilla mask threw an egg at his head would have been described as a "hate crime" if he were a Democrat. Elder told Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight of the episode, which took place while he was touring a homeless encampment in Venice ahead of next week's recall vote:
gorilla woman takes aim
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Gorilla woman takes aim
"It was a very angry, ugly scene. You know, if I were a Democrat, obviously, this would be called systemic racism," he added. "They'd be calling it a hate crime. I don't like to play that game."
Elder, a longtime radio talk show host who is seeking to become California's first black governor, was hustled into an SUV and driven away after the attack. A member of his security team who confronted the woman received a punch for his trouble, as well as a slap from a second woman. There have been no reports of arrests in connection with the incident, which has received little coverage in the mainstream media.

In a separate interview with Fox News Digital, Elder claimed some people who were trailing his entourage yelled "racial epithets" during his visit to Venice. He added that the woman who threw the egg was likely an "outside agitator" and said "homeless advocates in the neighborhood" had told him they had "never seen that person before."

Elder told Fox News host Jesse Watters Thursday night:
"She might be one of the 20,000 people that were released early from our prisons, felons, many of whom were violent offenders under this governor [Democrat Gavin Newsom], I don't know. I consider this to be one of the many intersections in California, intersections between lawlessness and homelessness."
Elder explained:
"A lot of people are angry. Homeowners are angry. Families are angry. Children have to go and pass these people to and from school, and the homeless population is in danger. It's also a health hazard, and nothing's being done about it. That's one of the many failures of this governor."
Elder is one of 46 candidates who could replace Newsom if Golden State voters opt on Sept. 14 to recall a Democratic governor for the second time in under 20 years. Newsom has been bolstered in recent days by an endorsement from President Joe Biden, a rally appearance by Vice President Kamala Harris, and a commercial featuring former President Barack Obama.
"All these people that come in — Joe Biden has made a statement, Bernie Sanders has made a statement, Barack Obama's cut a commercial — and nobody has uttered the following words: 'Gavin Newsom has done a good job for the people of California.' You won't hear that, because he hasn't. Not on crime, not on homelessness, not on the decline in the quality of public education."

"People are fed up, which is why people are leaving California for the first time in our state's 170-year history."