The snow covered Caviahue and the temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees

The snow covered Caviahue and the temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees
The heavy snowfall that occurred in recent days in the Andean region began to cause complications. There were around 50 people stranded in the Bariloche bus terminal and the Municipality of Neuquén reported that the terminal of the capital city receives services from long-distance companies that left for the different areas of the province, but that they had to return because they did not can circulate.

For now, traffic on Route 237 was cut off due to the complicated situation in the Collón Cura area. This route connects Bariloche with Piedra del Águila and the cities of the Alto Valle.

In addition to route 237, the National Highway suspended traffic on routes 40 and 22 where the inconvenience to circulate due to accumulation of snow persists .

The undersecretary of Transportation of the city of Neuquén, Mauro Espinosa explained on Saturday that due to the bad weather conditions "the cuts were arranged from 9 in the morning." Thus, the long-distance buses that "passed to San Martín de los Andes and Bariloche had to return, and others were stranded in Cutral Có."

He also pointed out that all the services that had to leave after that time "are being rescheduled because there is no circulation ." And he added that "in view of this scenario, the bus terminal is prepared to contain all the people who are necessary."

The snowstorm made several Neuquén routes impassable.
© Río Negro.
The snowstorm made several Neuquén routes impassable.
"We are carrying out an emergency operation reinforcing the bus disinfection area, cleaning area, heating, automatic doors, bathrooms; everything is enabled and working very well," explained Espinosa.

In addition, he added that the Neuquén terminal "is classified as a supply area within the framework of the operation arranged for land transport due to the pandemic, and attention has been reinforced at the posts in the gastronomic area and at kiosks for supplying food to passengers ".

The commissioner of Villa La Angostura, Guillermo Alfaro added - according to what was published by the Río Negro newspaper - that on Saturday afternoon the traffic was already complicated. And police personnel of the detachment Nahuel Huapi, located just meters from the Limay River, was informing motorists that due to snow accumulation they could not continue along National Route 40 to the junction with 237 to the city of Neuquen.

During Saturday, National Highway reported that Route 40 was "passable with extreme caution", but hours later it declined that position and classified it as "impassable . "

According to the latest National Highway report, personnel and equipment are working on clearance and anti-ice service on the affected routes. But, there is still no possibility of walking.

Orange alert

The Interjurisdictional Authority of the Limay, Neuquén and Negro River Basins predicted for this Sunday that the cold and humid air will continue throughout the northern Patagonian region.

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