Lights over Guelph
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Julio Arone stepped into his kitchen to grab a drink on Wednesday evening when a bright orange light beaming in the sky captured his attention.

"I can't describe it in words. To me, it was almost biblical like 'is something happening here?' like 'is this the end?' for that one split second," said Arone, who ran inside his east end Guelph home to grab his telescope and found out the objects became much fainter by the time he returned.

His wife began filming the video on his phone which shows three bright lights contrasting an orange sky over farmland on Watson Parkway.

Arone said it started off with one light and two smaller lights floated out of it slowly. "It was really strange behaviour. I think there might have been a third, but I lost sight of that one," said Arone. "What was strange to me was a there was no sound."

He said the orange colour of the three objects was remarkably bright and the objects themselves were much larger than a plane appears.

View the video here.

"You kind of get the depth too because you can see the trees and the landscape so you kind of get an idea of how big this thing actually was in the sky," said Arone.

"The video doesn't do it justice. When you see with the naked eye, you take a step back and your first reaction is. 'Whoa, what the heck is this?'"

"The only thing I can think of is it might have been space junk because it sure didn't behave like an airplane or a helicopter or even a drone. You take a step back and you're like cool, like what is this?"

Arone said when he stepped out, several of his neighbours were out also looking at the sky perplexed by the sight which gave him a sense of relief that he wasn't the one witnessing this unusual sight.

"It was burning up like it was red, it must have been like red hot from the friction."

With recent reports of lots of space junk in the sky, Arone has been curious about what the objects were.

"I've been looking at various news media outlets to see if there were any reports of it. You hear about this kind of stuff all the time where satellites are coming down, but it was just really strange to see last night, nobody could make out what the hell it was," said Arone.

"It's one of those things you have to be there to see for yourself."