Albion is racist
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"Albion is racist we do exist KKK" said one of the graffitti
A Black student was reportedly responsible for racist graffiti discovered at Albion College in Michigan. According to MLive, on April 2, slogans such as "KKK," "White Power," and "Die N****rs Please!" were discovered in Mitchell Towers, a residence hall.

As a result of the messages, hundreds of students boycotted class and marched on campus for three consecutive days.

Many chanted "silence is violence!"

The school quickly launched an investigation and discovered that a "student of color" was responsible for the graffiti.

According to student newspaper The Albion Pleiad, college President Matthew Johnson informed students that a "current student of color" was responsible for the incident. As M Live reports, Albion Department of Public Safety Police Chief Scott Kipp stated that the suspect was a twenty-one-year-old Black male.

The school stated that the student acknowledged his responsibility and was "immediately removed from campus" while administrators "conduct a full investigation as part of our student judicial process."

According to MLive, there was a $1,000 reward for anyone who had information about the vandalism incident that could lead to identifying the individual.

Albion College spokeswoman Erin Robinson provided Campus Reform with a statement from Albion College President Matthew Johnson, who said that "the individual responsible for the racist graffiti in Mitchell Towers is a student of color."

"The student was immediately removed from campus and placed on temporary suspension while we conduct a full investigation as part of our student judicial process," he stated. "All evidence has been turned over to law enforcement in cooperation with the ongoing criminal investigation. We do not have any additional information to provide at this time as the student judicial process and criminal investigation proceed."

However, the college insisted that "there is a significant history of racial pain and trauma on campus and we are taking action to repair our community."

Albion Department of Public Safety Chief Scott Kipp told Campus Reform that the incident is still being investigated and once completed, will be submitted to the local prosecutor's office for possible charges.

Kipp said that Albion public safety officers caught an individual "writing hate speech on a wall" at Albion College on April 6. Upon arrival, police officers "took custody of a 21 year old African American male, who is an Albion College student and brought him to ADPS for questioning." The student "admitted to most of the racial graffiti drawn on campus over the last several days."

"Albion College Campus Safety also provided video evidence, which confirms the statements made by the student," continued Kipp. "The student was released after questioning. Once the investigation is complete the information will be submitted to the Calhoun County Prosecutor's Office for any charges related to the incidents."