March will be colder than January.

The winter in Moscow "broke out" with the snowfall

Spring has arrived according to the calendar, but instead has exploded in blizzards in Moscow and the Moscow region.

In VDNKh, at 9 am on March 7, the height of the snow was exactly 40 cm, and on the morning of March 8, it increased to 48 cm. The height of the snow increased more visibly in the area of Tushino: there the snow piles increased by 10 cm. At the weather station with the same name it is 55 cm.

The coldest day of winter awaits Moscow (March 8th)

An ultrapolar invasion awaits Moscow.

It's spring on the calendar, but midweek Moscow will apparently be the coldest day of the winter season.

According to preliminary forecasts, the deviation from the average daily temperature of the norm in Moscow will be 12 degrees or more.

Surprisingly, March frosts will beat January frosts by 3 degrees at once!

Thanks to Martin Siebert for these links.