A boar

A boar
As many as six persons including two woman sweepers were injured in wild boar attack at Swargadwar here on Sunday morning.

Eyewitnesses said Gurubaria Naik along with a team of sweepers were engaged in cleaning the Swargadwar area at around 4.30 am.

Suddenly, a wild boar appeared and attacked two sweepers Urmila and Rohini. The animal ran away when other sweepers raised an alarm. The boar also attacked four persons who had ventured out for morning walk.

They are Amit Pradhan, Jitendra Kumar Jena, Ramesh Samantrai and M Ganaya. All the injured were rushed to the district headquarters hospital. The attending doctor said the injuries were minor and after first aid, the six persons were advised to go home.

Residents said this was the first such attack by a wild animal in the city. Forest officials could not be contacted.