dead parrots
A worker was shocked after finding dozens of dead birds on top of a mobile phone mast in the Philippines.

Rigger technician Edward Tapia climbed the tower in Surigao del Sur province for a maintenance check on November 21.

Edward climbed up the 130ft-tall structure but when he reached the top, there were dozens of birds that had died mysteriously.

The blue-naped parrots, a species found throughout the Philippines, were in different stages of decomposition suggesting that they did not all die at the same time. There were several other types of dead alongside them.

Edward found the creatures stacked up in the platform corner beside a machine installed on the tower, which transmits 3G and 4G network signals.

Some of the birds had turned brown while the others still have the bright green colour retained on their feathers.

Despite the decomposition state, burn traces were found on the feathers of the birds while the other were charred to a crisp.

The worker, who started on the industry in 2014, said it was the first time that he had seen such a case.

He said: "I don't have any idea how it could have happened. I started working here in 2014 but this is my first time seeing so many dead birds on top."

He added that he had reported the incident to his office management but they have not replied to him so far.

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