A sudden rainstorm hit Malta Sunday afternoon, with main roads becoming flooded and some beautiful natural phenomena occurring.

1. A waterspout formed just off Mellieħa coast, with the spout visible from Mellieħa Bay.

2. And Pembroke's main road became flooded, with people exiting their cars trying to figure out how to get their vehicles moving again.

And this comes after the same locality became flooded just a few days ago when a smaller rainstorm hit the island.


3.Some incredible lightning strikes were captured on film.

Like, seriously...

4. And a yacht became washed ashore in the rising winds.

Luckily, the crew were not injured.

5. Some ducks were even seen making their way through the storm.

Malta's barely getting out of the summer season and with all this already happening with a spot of rain, who knows what the island may be in for this coming winter.