Simpothy McVeig
The rioter who allegedly threw an explosive device at the Portland federal courthouse early Tuesday morning was reportedly identified as a result of an online review his grandmother left on a vest she bought for him.

"I got this for my grandson who's a protestor downtown, he uses it every night and says its [sic] does the job," user "GrammaF" of Oregon posted in a vest review on Hibbett last week along with a picture of her grandson.
shocking twist. The guy who threw an IED at the portland courthouse was identified in a review by his grandma who bought his gear. This might be the most embarrassing defeat of antifa yet. Grandmas lil revolutionary. Retweet for luls. Archive

— Anime gorilla (@animegorilla) July 28, 2020
Grandma's review was found thanks to the sleuths of 4chan (NSFW link).
same guy. same vest. same mask. photos taken on different days so different shirts.

— Anime gorilla (@animegorilla) July 28, 2020
"We had help from a /fa/ [4chan's fashion forum] expert who identified the shoes and vest as limited edition items," a 4chan poster said. "Another anon snooped the site and found the review for that specific item."
Video of him committing a bomb attack on a federal courthouse and cheering when it explodes.

— Anime gorilla (@animegorilla) July 28, 2020
This is allegedly the same guy dubbed "Simpothy McVeigh" who was seen shielding a naked woman walking in front of police (NSFW link above).