abigail shrier
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The burgeoning 'cancel culture' has forced Amazon to ax an ad campaign for a book by a Wall Street Journal author which is critical of liberal views on transgender identity, its publishing company has said.

Regnery Publishing said that Jeff Bezos' company suspended their paid ad for the book 'Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters' by Wall Street Journal writer Abigail Shrier.

According to the author, the book explores the idea that "trans-identification has become a peer contagion among teen girls."

The ad was removed as it "may not be appropriate for all audiences," because the ad or the book itself claims to "diagnose, treat, or question sexual orientation," Fox News reported, citing an email from Amazon's Advertising Support department to Regnery.

The publisher claims the ad contained only a photo of the cover, which features a drawing of a young girl with a hole in her abdomen. The book itself is still available for purchase on Amazon's website.

Regnery described the situation as a fresh example of so-called 'cancel culture', a social movement to silence public figures and hide the products that certain groups find offensive.
The cancel culture has made it clear that it despises diversity of opinion, and it will not tolerate science, data, facts, or anything that contradicts the approved narrative.
Amazon did not comment on Regnery's allegations. The e-commerce giant has already been criticized in the past for removing books it deems controversial from its website.