© Reuters / SANA Handout
Early on February 6, the Israeli Air Force delivered an wide-scale strike on targets in the countyside of the Syrian capital, Damascus, and in the province of Daraa Israeli aircraft launched several missiles from airspace over the occupied Golan Heights and southern Lebanon.

According to Syrian sources, the Al-Kiswa area, Marj al-Sultan, Baghdad Bridge near Damascus and the area south of Izraa in the province of Daraa became the main targets of the attack.

Syria's State media claimed that the Syrian Air Defense shot down most of the Israeli missiles before they were able to reach their targets. Pro-Israeli sources claim that the strikes successfully hit Iran-related targets destroying weapon depots and HQs of Iranian-backed forces.

The attack took place as the Syrian Army was storming the key stronghold of al-Qaeda-linked militants in the province of Idlib - the town of Saraqib. Right on cue, the Israeli military joined the club of al-Qaeda's little helpers.