Another earthquake off Vancouver Island has struck with a magnitude of 6.2 Tuesday night.

The quake follows a series of at least six earthquakes Monday, but this is the most significant shock since.

Tuesday night's quake was located 188 kilometers off Port Hardy, at the tip of Vancouver Island around 7:30 p.m.

map quake
Quakes in this area are very common, according to Andrew Schaeffer, who is a Scientist and Seismologist with Natural Resources Canada.

"The largest earthquake that was ever recorded in this area was a magnitude of 6.8 and that happened in April of 1992, right on the same fault where this sequence is occurring," Schaeffer says.

He notes in the future, Port Hardy would most likely not produce a tsunami since the earthquakes are so distant from land.

"They are so far off shore they wouldn't really pose much of a risk in terms of damages structures on land."

Monday's earthquakes ranged from a 4.8 to 6.0 magnitude.

No damage or tsunami warnings are expected.

-With files from The Canadian Press