ice hail
Nagaur district in Rajasthan witnessed unusual weather conditions as the area was hit by heavy rains and hailstorms causing it to be covered in a blanket of ice on Thursday.

Several areas of Nagaur, including villages of Chhapri, Maulasar, Keechak, were hit by heavy hailstorm that caused roads and roofs of houses to be completely covered in sheets of ice making it look like snow.

The hailstorm has caused significant damage to crops in the region. Reportedly, several animals and birds have also sustained injuries.

The breath-taking pictures showed roads, roofs, and vehicles completely covered in sheets of ice.

While some were surprised, most Twitter users expressed their shock and concern over the unusual weather occurrence in the region which otherwise remains very hot.

This is the first time that a hailstorm of this magnitude has been observed in the region.

The Met department has said that heavy rainfall and hailstorms occurring in Rajasthan are prompted by "western disturbances" in the weather.