Missing 411 The Hunted
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We have a very special guest joining us today, David Paulides, himself! Please welcome this extraordinary former policeman and now author/investigator who wrote the famous Missing 411 books and videos. David gives us an inside scoop into his work and investigations first hand so it's definitely a must watch if you're a fan of his work or have been following him since the beginning.

It started with 5 missing children in 2016. Now, 3 years later we follow the trails of missing hunters. This Halloween, we bring you something truly special. Haunting true stories of the unexplainable. Based on the book which documents 185 cases of missing people from 4 countries. This former police detective, now investigator and author will surely blow your mind. So get ready, because the one and only David Paulides is coming to Edge of Wonder!

Part One

Part Two