Mystery illness kills dogs in Norway
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A mystery disease is estimated to have killed dozens of dogs in Norway in the last few days - with officials unsure what is causing the spread of the illness.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority confirmed another six cases of dogs falling ill on Saturday, of which two had already died.

The illness has struck pets across the country from the northern province of Nordland to cities like Trondheim Bergen and Oslo, where the majority of cases have been reported.

All of those to have died experienced the same symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea.

Autopsies of the first three dogs to have died is yet to prove what is causing the sickness, with veterinarians considering the potential for viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic causes.

The Authority's spokesman Ole-Herman Tronerud told Norwegian broadcaster NRK the disease seemed "very serious", adding "But we don't know yet whether this is contagious or just a series of individual cases."

The government body has since advised owners keep their pets away from other dogs as they work to uncover the cause of the illness.

Jorun Jarp, emergency and safety director for the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, said: "To have healthy and great Norwegian dogs die so quickly is naturally serious. It's a very special situation I haven't been involved in before."

In neighbouring Sweden the nation's veterinary institute has been inundated with calls for information from pet owners concerned about the spread - however so far there have been no reported cases of the illness.

A spokesperson said there was currently no information "to show that it is an infectious outbreak or that it would pose a risk to dogs in Sweden."

Additional reporting by AP