© Reuters / Lucas Jackson
US President apparently hasn't given up on buying Greenland, promising the island's residents they won't end up with a giant gleaming Trump Tower in their backyard... and posting a photo of how that might have looked like.

Trump tweeted a magnificently garish rendering of Trump Tower Greenland on Monday afternoon, promising the reluctant Danes that if he owned their massive island, it would certainly not look like that. (Presumably, the building would be black with gold accents, instead of solid gold, and several stories higher, with a golf course). Twitter exploded.

"Make Greenland Great Again!!!" one supporter tweeted. "All in favor of invading Greenland?" another followed up.

Many applauded the president's trolling prowess. Could Trump want to buy Greenland just to trigger the media, the #Resistance, or both? "CNN probably thinks this is a real picture," one supporter tweeted, while another suggested renaming it Whiteland for extra outrage potential.

Or perhaps Greenland would be the site of a future Space Force base?

Not everyone appreciated the president's humor. "That looks like an awesome place for your son to hold another meeting with foreign enemies," one detractor sniffed. "Could you at least pretend to be president?" another complained.

Most, however, agreed the president had just trolled his online nemeses mercilessly.