Kangaroo in ice
© Global Look Press / imageBROKER.com / Christian Handl
Unseasonably cold weather turned parts of Australia into something more akin to the frozen wastelands of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back than the arid deserts of Mad Max, as viral videos of kangaroos playing in the snow proved.

Even the typically dry and arid parts of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland can switch from Tatooine to Hoth in a matter of weeks, especially when there's a polar front spreading snow everywhere. Amid the snowy din, several Aussies spotted some frolicking tauntauns... er, kangaroos over the weekend.

In one video, titled 'Not something you see every day in Australia', dozens of roos are seen prancing like mad around a snow-filled paddock.

Shot by Sydney man Stephen Grenfell near a sheep farm outside Goulburn, some three hours west of Sydney, the video has already racked up an impressive 265,000 views.

Not to be outdone, Christopher Price posted up his own snowy roo clip, garnering an amazing 525,000 views in the process.

Australia's Bureau of Meteorology issued multiple severe weather warnings across the country's southeastern states while the NSW State Emergency Service said it received some 1,167 requests for help on Saturday. Melbourne experienced its coldest May Day since 2000 this year, showing it's not all sunshine and rainbows in the land down under, there's a cold, dark side too.