This was "long before industry emitted significant amounts of carbon dioxide," writes Steve Goreham.

heat map
According to NOAA, "23 of the 50 state record high temperatures were recorded during the 1930s," says Goreham. "Thirty-six of the 50 state record highs occurred prior to 1960."

But never mind such inconvenient facts.

Seventy-four US medical and public health groups released a "U.S. Call to Action" last month, in which they declared climate change to be a "true public health emergency." They also claimed that we urgently need to transition away from hydrocarbon energy and a move to a low-carbon economy.

"(Trouble is), "actual weather and health trends don't support either the alarm or the demanded actions."

"Last week, temperatures in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania peaked at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. But these temperatures were far below the state record highs, which were Iowa (118oF in 1934), Illinois (117oF in 1954), Indiana (116oF in 1936), Ohio (113oF in 1934), and Pennsylvania (111oF in 1936)."

Goreham goes on to eviscerate the false claims of increasing storm, drought, flood, hurricane or tornado activity - even wildfire activity.

"The belief that changing light bulbs, driving electric cars, and erecting wind turbines can improve human health is as medieval as the belief that bloodletting can cure disease," Goreham concludes.

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