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"Oh my, a military coup!" Actually, no. It's just another Washington-directed riot in Caracas.
Self-declared Venezuelan 'interim president', Juan Guaido, aka RGN (Random Guy Named) Guaido (aka 'Guido', to the US State Department) - whose uncanny resemblence to former US president Barack Obama continues to amaze - has today outright called for a military uprising. So far, it just amounts to rioting at one location in Caracas, and I wouldn't be surprised if it ends that way.

With his bosses in Washington perplexed over the failure of their color-revolution attempt back in January, they're going for the jugular by attempting to instigate a military coup.

Appearing in a video that was apparently shot at (or near) a Caracas military airbase, and accompanied by a number of what appear to be Venezuelan soldiers, along with fellow 'revolutionary', Leopoldo Lopez, Guaido announced that:
"The moment has come to start the end of the usurpation."
This, ironically, is exactly what might happen now that Washington has gone 'all in' with an attempted coup: they have gifted Maduro all the justification he needs to round up Guaido and his accomplices.

Leopoldo Lopez, incidentally, was arrested in 2014 and - because the Maduro government has been far too soft in its treatment of what are de facto rabid terrorists - was held under house arrest after being found guilty of inciting violence during that first post-Chavez round of bombings, murder and mayhem. Lopez claims that he is in attendance for today's outbreak of democrazi because he was "released by the military under Guaido's orders." More likely, he simply walked out of his house...

RGN's three-minute video was clearly timed to coincide with a planned anti-government rally today. Guaido had earlier claimed on Twitter that he was meeting with "the key military units" of the Venezuelan army as "the beginning of the final phase of Operation Freedom," but like everything else that comes from his mouth, that too is almost certainly fantasy. I don't know who these soldiers are that he and Lopez were speaking with this morning, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're not even Venezuelan...

Venezuela's Vice President (its real one), Jorge Rodriguez, has said on Twitter that "a small group of traitor troops" have positioned themselves in the Altamira neighborhood of Caracas "to promote a coup" against the (real) government, and that they were acting to counter them.

Venezuela's Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, has reassured the country that the military remains fully under the control of Maduro's democratically-elected government, writing on Twitter:
"The FANB [Venezuela Armed Forces] stands firm in defense of the National Constitution and its legitimate authorities. All the military units deployed in the eight Integral Defense Regions report normalcy in their barracks and military bases, under the command of their natural commanders."
Padrino added that the defense force "reject this coup movement that aims to fill the country with violence" and stated the "pseudo political leaders" fronting "this subversive movement have used troops and police with weapons of war on a public road in the city to create anxiety and terror", calling them "cowards".
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Defectors? Or imposters dressed to look like members of the Bolivarian National Guard?
To their eternal shame, most LatAm countries support Washington's coup in Caracas. Not all of them though. Bolivian president Evo Morales has voiced his support for the Maduro government, writing on Twitter:
"We strongly condemn the coup attempt in #Venezuela, by the right wing that is submissive to foreign interests. Sure that the courageous Bolivarian Revolution at the head of the brother @NicolasMaduro, will be imposed on this new attack of the empire."
He pointed a finger at the Guaido-supporting US in a second tweet, writing:
"The United States with its interference and promoting coups seeks to provoke violence and death in #Venezuela, it does not care about human losses, only its interests. We must be vigilant and united so that the coup plotters never return to our region."
The Mexican and Cuban governments have lent similar support, calling for the ongoing coup to cease because it risks escalating into bloody conflict.

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RGN Guaido & 'Lucky' Lopez: democrazis
It's all about the optics

If the US and its regional co-conspirators can get the right 'optics' out of this operation, they could, theoretically, swing momentum for Venezuelan public support behind their putsch.

It's extremely unlikely though. This isn't an actual military coup; it's a simulation of one, in the vain hope of spurring an actual one. Venezuela's Foreign Minister (the real one), Jorge Arreaza, has told Reuters that no more than 30 soldiers are engaged in this provocation with RGN Guaido. He also confirmed what most already know - that it's being fully directed from afar, in Washington, DC.

The 'coup' isn't a day old and already Lopez has fled to the Chilean embassy seeking asylum, while 25 of those 30 'Venezuelan soldiers' have taken shelter inside Brazil's.

The ultra-violent gangs running with the so-called 'opposition' have thus far baited Venezuelan security forces into tear-gassing them on a highway near the airbase Guaido made his coup call from:

There have also been exchanges of gunfire (apparently between the Chavista Collectivos and Washington's Ultras) at this location:

Here's a clash that took place closer to the city center today, apparently showing soldiers arresting other soldiers. In all likelihood, it's the real, legitimate soldiers arresting 'soldiers' who are part of the coup-by-media:

Here it is again, from closer. As you can see, they give up without a fight, probably because they know they're completely outnumbered and outgunned. They were never meant to 'go down fighting' or to become 'martyrs of democracy'. They were only paid to provide 'optics' - specifically, to provide realistic images that would 'plausibly' suggest that civil war is imminent...

I don't know where exactly this was filmed, but this is the kind of 'optics' the mainstream media is only too happy to showcase as evidence that "Maduro is an evil socialist dictator":

Confirming what everybody sees, but which everyone is apparently also supposed to pretend is not happening - that this is a form of warfare against Venezuela by the USA - Trump's lunatic advisor John Bolton has piped up to tell US media that what we're seeing unfold in Caracas is "not a coup attempt" (which is accurate, in fact, though not for the reason he's saying it) because this stunt is just the 'legit' leader (Guaido) giving orders to his 'legit' military, which is "upholding Venezuela's constitution against a Maduro government controlled by Cuba."

If you're thinking 'you couldn't make this up', that's because you couldn't: only batsh*t Washington Crazies could.