Paris' second-largest church was DELIBERATELY set on fire last month
According to the latest available information, accidental cause has been ruled out by investigators one day after the Saint-Sulpice church fire in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Investigations are continuing

In the aftermath of the Saint-Sulpice fire, the investigators have already drawn some conclusions. Our sources say that the incident began Sunday at around 1:30pm, at an entrance to the church overlooking Palatine Street in the 6th arrondissement, and that its cause was "human" and "deliberate."

"The near-disaster occurred close to a spot where a homeless person's clothes were stored - though this person was not present at that time," said our source. This same source stated that "accidental origin of an electrical or technical nature, or negligence, have been discarded."

"It's now a question of whether the perpetrator is someone who isn't all there in the head, or has some sort of mental instability. There are known homeless persons who come often, but they are typically peaceful," comments another source.

A previous incident two or three days earlier?

According to an eyewitness, an event of the same kind but with lesser effects had occurred a few days earlier.

"It was reported to us that a rag with flammable material that had been set alight was thrown against one of the walls of the church, again on Palatine Street. The fire was easily extinguished. It could have been the same individual," says the source quoted above.

Investigations are continuing. The church remains open.

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