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And some folks say gun owners don't have a rebellious streak in them. With less than 24 hours, the NZ Police was forced to shut down their gun confiscation website due to massive amounts of online trolling.

firearm hand-ins

Through a coordinated denial of service attack, gun owners around the world and classical liberals submitted numerous bogus online registrations to overwhelm the system.

NATO Reporting name for the Mig-15

NATO Reporting name for the Mig-15 is FAGOT, it means Bundle of Sticks.
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© Courtesy – NZ Police
Apparently, a number of people outside of New Zealand weren't too thrilled on the idea of gun control, websites being blocked, or people being arrested for simple possession of a video. Others are directly reporting that the Prime Minister is a thief.

contact the investigators
© Courtesy – NZ Police
Furthermore, some online have poked fun of the website's first sentence after the registration is completed.

Thank you for your submission

Thank you for your submission
Thank you for your submission indeed.
Recognising how personal this item is to you, please be assured that we will take every precaution to ensure that your firearm(s) are handled in the appropriate manner.
How are they going to handle these firearms? The same way they did in Australia. They're going to confiscate them and destroy them. Don't look for the NZ Police to cradle the guns with white gloves and place them on feather filled laced pillows.

The attacks on the web site are a public act of civil disobedience by gun owners, most of whom in the United States judging by the entries above.

This can be viewed as small victory in the wider war by those who believe in the natural right to self-defense. No doubt bigger battles lies ahead. But in an interconnected world, people half a planet away are attempting to stand by 250,000 beleaguered Kiwi firearms owners who are being blamed for the actions of one crazed person.