Woman hurls cat at moose
© VK.com / Илюза Саяхова
A woman who used a cat as a projectile to avoid an attack from a disoriented stray moose was blasted as "barbarian" on the internet for the way she treated both animals.

The moose apparently knew that, despite being cute, kitties are vicious in a fight. The large animal retreated as soon as it saw the cat flying in its direction.

The wild moose was later spotted wandering among apartment blocks in other parts of the town of Neftekams before it was tranquilized and safely returned to the forest.

The fate of the cat is unknown, but judging by the footage it most likely landed on its feet after the controversial stunt.

When video footage of the unusual incident was uploaded online, one commenter on the Russian social network VK described it as "animals chasing away an animal."

The woman "should be prosecuted for animal cruelty," another stated, with many agreeing that tossing a cat was "mental."

The social media users pointed out that the moose was only a calf, which could've lost his mother and resorted to roaming into the town in search of food.

"The people are barbarians. They scared the poor animal instead of feeding it. What if it got hit by a car or injured somebody out of fear?" one of the comments read.