People gathered in front of Raul Brasil school, where students and teachers were killed
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People gathered in front of Raul Brasil school, where students and employees were killed
Police revealed the names of the murderers who killed eight people, including four teenagers, at the Raul Brasil State School in Suzano, in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo.

The killers are Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, 17, and Luiz Henrique de Castro, 25. They both committed suicide afterwards. Castro would turn 26 next Saturday.

The attack occurred around 9:30 this Wednesday (March 13). Four of the dead are high school students. Two other adolescents were rescued, but died at the hospital. Two of the victims are school employees.

Comment: Reports say the fatalities have increased to 10. Five students: Pablo Henrique Rodrigues, Cleiton Antonio Ribeiro, Caio Oliveira, Samuel Melquíades Silva de Oliveira e Douglas Murilo Celestino. All between 15 and 16 years old. Two school employees: Marilena Ferreira Vieira Umezo and Eliana Regina de Oliveira Xavier. Jorge Antônio Morais, owner of a car shop and uncle of one of the killers. And both killers, who committed suicide.

  • The attack on the school in Suzano, in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, left eight people dead; the two murderers killed themselves.
  • The victims have not yet been identified.
  • The authors of the crime are Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, 17, and Henrique de Castro, 25.
  • 23 people were taken to hospitals. Among them, those that were wounded and others who were not feeling well after the attack.
  • The reason for the attack and the perpetrators' ties to the school are still unknown.
  • One witness said she saw one with a gun and another with a knife.
  • The police found a .38 revolver, a crossbow, objects that look like Molotov cocktails and a suitcase with wires.
  • Before entering the school, the killers shot a man in a nearby car shop.
  • The killers arrived at the target school in a rented car.

The perpetrators arrived at the school in a white car, which was rented by one of the killers. They entered through the school door, which was open (see video below).

"They entered the school, shot the pedagogical coordinator and shot another employee. It was time for recess, they went to the courtyard, they shot four more high school students. At that time, there were only high school students, and [the perpetrators of the attack] went to the language center. The language center students locked themselves in the classroom with the teacher and they [criminals] committed suicide in the corridor," said Col. Marcelo Salles, general commander of the Military Police.

Col. Salles said that, before entering the school, the criminals shot a man in a car wash near the school. He is undergoing surgery at the Santa Casa de Suzano and is in a very serious condition.

Comment: According to televised news, the man shot at the car shop is Jorge Antonio de Moraes, uncle of Guilherme Taucci Monteiro. One version says Guilherme worked with him at the car shop and had been recently fired after a disagreement. Another version is that Jorge Antonio de Moraes was shot simply because the killers were trying to steal a car from his shop.


Bottles that appear to be Molotov cocktails left inside the school where the massacre took place
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Bottles that appear to be Molotov cocktails left inside the school where the massacre took place
Inside the school, police found a .38 revolver, four jet luders, which are plastics for reloading a gun, a crossbow (a type of bow and arrow that shoots horizontally), a traditional bow and arrow and bottles that appear to be Molotov cocktails. Guilherme, one of the authors of the attack, had a kind of axe at his waist.

There is also a suitcase with wires. The bomb squad has been called, but the police have not yet informed if there is any explosive material in the area.

Colonel Fábio Pelegrini, from Military Police's Social Communication, said that the police also disclosed whether the perpetrators of the massacre have records of previous crimes.

The police have no information about the motivation of the crime.

"It was probably an act that was premeditated. They entered the school equipped with a mask. We still do not know the motivation, the correlation between the motive and the act," said Colonel Pelegrini.

Witness accounts

Silmara Cristina Silva de Moraes helped hide students in the school's kitchen
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Silmara Cristina Silva de Moraes helped hide students in the school's kitchen
Rosni Marcelo Grotliwed, a 15-year-old student, said that the attack occurred during recess and that one of the criminals had a gun and the other a knife.

"We were at recess, eating as usual and we heard three shots fired. We tried to run over the CEL wall. The guys came after us and started killing a lot of people. But his gun went out of bullets and we ran."

Rosni said that one of the killers passed with a knife next to him, but he managed to dodge it. "I went to the principle's office, and there were a lot of dead people on the floor. They screamed, but I didn't understand what it was," he recalled.

"My friend was stabbed in the shoulder and another was shot. I ran away with a friend to my house and came back to get a friend.

Silmara Cristina Silva de Moraes, a 54-year-old working at the school kitchen, said she helped hide 50 students in the kitchen.

"We were serving snacks and then the shooting started and the children panicked. We opened the kitchen and began to put as many children inside and we closed everything and asked them to lie on the floor," she said, crying.

"It was very desperate, because there were a lot of shots fired, really a lot of shots fired and there was too much panic."