Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez relies on a lot of economic ignorance to get you to believe what's not true could be true.

The reason she prefers to use a marginal tax rate as a talking point is because she believes it wouldn't affect the overwhelming majority of Americans and that she can get public support for it. She assumes that most Americans will say, "Hey, it's not gonna affect me -- it's just going to screw people who make $10 million or more."

The problem is, (and I'll give you some numbers in just a moment) her entire basis - the economic basis - for this is nonsense is based on garbage talking points.

Now, just to be clear. Let's say you made $11,000,000 -- you would pay a 30 percent tax rate on every dollar you made from zero to $10 million. You would only pay that 70 percent rate on a million bucks.

Well, where's the million dollars come from? It comes from the million you made over $10 million. If you make $11,000,000 per year, you would only pay that 70 percent rate on $1,000,000.

Now, a lot of people, even some middle-class RINO Republicans say, well, that doesn't sound so bad, you know, it's only going to affect them on the dollars they make over $10 million - and that's even for multibillionaires.

OK, then what's the problem? They should pay a 70 percent tax rate.

Well, the first problem is we don't owe the government squat and the second problem is that the government can't spend money better than you can. That's why we don't give the government extra money as conservatives because government generally stinks at spending money. That's why!

And by the way liberals, if you want to pay the 70 percent marginal tax rate, go right ahead. It's voluntary. Just pay It!

Here's how it would work: Everyone should sign a pledge to commit to a 70 percent tax rate. Then, you give all that money to the government and show us conservatives what it really means to you.

Sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? But I know you won't do it because you're big frauds. You're hypocrites. You've always been hypocrites. You're ideologues and you don't stand for a darn thing.

I challenge you to donate your salary, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. Show us how it's done and step up.

I'm not donating my salary, so don't worry about me. I don't give my money to the government.

But Democrats, I challenge you to step up. Yes, go ahead and step up. You've spent this country into an abyss of debt and your programs stink. They fail everywhere you try them. And still, I'm supposed to give you my money?

You go first, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, step right up.