The culprit behind the mess remains unknown.
Dealing with pet do-do can be a nasty business, but in Britain one incident of dog fouling was deemed serious enough that the victim reported it as a racist hate crime.

The dog poo 'hate crime' - which is said to have occurred outside a UK home - was contained in a dossier of so-called "non-crimes" or lesser misdeeds drawn up by The Mail On Sunday. The real-life list of bizarre police reports came from a tranche of Freedom of Information Act requests.

A description of the incident tells how the person who happened upon the dog's mess perceived it to be a racial attack.

"An unknown dog has fouled outside of [the] victim['s] address and [the] victim perceived this to be a racial incident," the police report said.

Tory MP David Davies told the newspaper that the recording of such "non-crimes" was a waste of police time. "People need to start thinking more carefully before they call the police," he said.

While the culprit behind the mess remains unknown, it's not the first time do-do has been deployed by criminal masterminds.

Last year a gang was apprehended in Spain, with their unusual modus operandi being dropping dog excrement in banks to create a distraction while a robbery took place.