trump pee on me statue
© Instagram / vibeke_kj
A New York artist is encouraging dogs to urinate on the US President by leaving small statues of Donald Trump around Brooklyn with the accompanying sign 'Pee On Me'.

The 'art exhibit' is by Phil Gable, who serves as creative director for the brand content company Porcupine Armadillo. Gable said the purpose of the installation is to add "a little moment of levity" to the generally depressing political climate, but admitted to VICE it was also a personal expression of his own personal "disdain for Donald Trump".

"I've always loved political humor," the artist told told NBC, adding that with the current administration "people need some good laughs just to make it through the day."

Gable set up five of the tiny Trump busts in locations around Brooklyn and he plans to expand the operation to neighboring borough Manhattan.

"If I can give them a laugh and a little break from their day, that's great," he said. "And if this gets anyone at any point in the political spectrum to contemplate the concept of decency at a time when this administration is being so hostile to so many groups, that's good, too."

Gable said response to the artwork has been mixed with praise and criticism from both Republicans and Democrats. He says while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, he feels the artwork is "light-hearted" in comparison to the "mean-spirited" things Trump has said and done.

However he admits that his work isn't to everyone's taste. "Some very straight-laced Democrats have been offended because they think it's distasteful, and some Trump supporters have been offended because they think it's disrespectful," he added.