The football pitch in Verviers, Belgium
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The football pitch in Verviers, Belgium
A man, reportedly wearing an explosive belt, has blown himself up at a football field in Verviers, Belgium, the local prosecutor's office reported. The man was the only victim.

The man detonated explosives on his person between 8:30am and 9am on Tuesday, Belgian outlet RTL info reported, citing the prosecutor's office. Police do not know his identity, nor have they established a motive for the apparent suicide bombing.

Nearby streets have been closed to traffic, and a bomb disposal crew are at the scene.

"Video Witness tells about what happened on a football field in Verviers"
The man was around 50 years old, and walked to the center circle of the field before blowing himself up, according to one witness report.

Mayor Hasan Aydin has downplayed speculation that the man wanted to commit a terrorist act. "Suicide seems plausible," he told "If he had wanted to do more damage, he would certainly have been in a place in town where there were more people."