dust devil
A little league team's post-championship game photo shoot was interrupted by a dust devil that swept onto the baseball diamond.

Heather Bunting, who captured video of the whirlwind, said her 10-year-old son, Adin, and his team were posing for pictures in Oak Grove when they were upstaged by the weather.

"We had just gotten done taking pictures of the boys with their parents and trophies, and all of a sudden, my son said, 'coach, look over there!'" Bunting told WDAF-TV.

Bunting said the dust devil was the largest she's ever seen.

"It looked like a tornado, with a ton of dust," Bunting said. "I saw it throwing all that dust in the air. I've seen small ones, but nothing like that ever in my entire life."

Bunting said the dustnado knocked over two canopies, but no one was injured.

"It was kind of neat to experience that kind of stuff. If I see one again, I'm definitely going to record it again," Bunting told KCTV.