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What feminists want is for men and women to cease being men and women and to instead become unisex. Androgynous. Interchangeable beings
On his program "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Carlson and his team gave men in America a voice every Wednesday in March. It is only the beginning of a much-needed conversation, but it was a great start. I can't think of anyone in the media other than Carlson who's courageous enough to tackle this sensitive topic. He covered many, many facts about the plight of boys and men with sincere interest each Wednesday and afterward interviewed a different expert to discuss the problems he'd just described.

But it was in the final segment that Carlson honed in on why Americans are oblivious to this crisis.

America has changed completely. The patriarchy is gone. Women are winning. Men are failing. Men in America are now far more likely to die of a drug overdose, drop out of the workforce because of an addiction, commit a felony and go to prison. They fail in school much more often than women do. They kill themselves at many times the rate. Overall, they die years younger. Those numbers are not speculative. They are hard data gathered over decades by nonpartisan researchers. You'd have to ignore a huge amount of settled science in order to repeat the pieties of 1970s-era feminism, and yet this is exactly what our leaders continue to do.

Bam. The relentless feminist narrative Americans are exposed to every day, and have been for decades, is that women live in a "patriarchy" designed to hold them down and back. That egregious analysis of men is simply false. "There isn't a shred of hard evidence to support that Western society is pathologically patriarchal; that the prime lesson of history is that men, rather than nature, were the primary source of oppression of women," writes Jordan Peterson in 12 Rules for Life.

This lie has been hugely destructive, yet it persists. Which means if you've fallen for feminist propaganda, you're not likely to sympathize with the plight of men. If you haven't fallen for it, you will sympathize with men. Problem is, there are far more feminists in power than there are nonfeminists in power. Thus, we never hear anything in media other than male bashing. That's what made Carlson's series so utterly refreshing and vitally necessary.

In addition to selling the lie that American women are oppressed, feminists also want Americans to reject male and female nature-and they convince them by twisting bits and pieces of facts to their advantage. "Feminism means dismantling society's toxic ideas about what fatherhood looks like, so it's socially acceptable for a woman to be the primary breadwinner while a man stays home with his kids," writes Emma Roller at "Splinter" in response to Fox's "Men in America" series. "It means ending mental health stigmas, so that men can go to therapy before they feel like they must resort to domestic violence or suicide. It means tearing down rape culture, which hurts women, but often hurts men in more insidious ways, too. Ultimately, it means dismantling gender completely."

And there it is: "dismantling gender completely." I'm so glad Roller put that on the record. I've been explaining for years that this is feminists' ultimate goal, and not everyone believes me. What feminists want is for men and women to cease being men and women and to instead become unisex. Androgynous. Interchangeable beings.

That will never happen, of course, which means feminists will continue to perpetuate the gender war they've begun-which in turn means men will continue to suffer.
Suzanne Venker (@SuzanneVenker) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog. She is an author, Fox News contributor, and trustee of Leading Women for Shared Parenting. Her fifth book, The Alpha Female's Guide to Men & Marriage: HOW LOVE WORKS, was published in February 2017.