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Did Facebook break campaign finance laws?

Facebook's privacy problems continue to grow, not just with handing over user data to the Trump campaign and the Obama campaign, but also to the loser Hillary Clinton campaign.

Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign collected the Facebook data of millions of people, which could and should be considered campaign contributions.

Fox News' Tucker Carlson explains in the video below...

Why did Facebook's politics break campaign contributions laws?

While social media in politics may appear to be a genius way to reach prospective voters, Facebook's (the company, not the platform) very active role in Obama and Hillary's campaign can also be construed as a "donation" by a corporation, and thus in violation of federal laws.

The Gateway Pundit reports the Clinton campaign likely harvested data from millions of Americans from a special app that asked users to pair with Facebook.
Obama used Facebook to harvest data for his campaign. Then bragged about it.

Why would Crooked Hillary be any different?
FOX News reports...
Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign may have harvested the Facebook data of millions of people using an app that asked them to pair their Facebook friends list with their smartphone's contacts list - in a bid to reach those people and persuade them to vote for Clinton.

In the midst of the election, the Clinton campaign launched a mobile application called "Hillary 2016" that worked its way around the banned practice of gathering information from users' friends without their consent.

The Clinton campaign's use of big data raises concerns amid controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica, a data-driven company with ties to the Trump campaign that was accused of mining Facebook data and using it to target potential voters.

But a spokesman for Clinton pushed back against any comparisons with Cambridge Analytica, telling Fox News that the campaign's mobile application merely "let users contact their friends about the campaign."