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What is Happening on Social Media

It is a day just like any other day; I am humming along on my Twitter beat, cruising for 2,700 followers and feeling pretty good about myself. Out of nowhere, Twitter deals me a massive blow. My followers start dropping by the hundreds. I frantically check to assure myself I had not lost Roseanne Barr to the purge. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common occurrence lately on Twitter. However, on February 20, 2018, it appeared that there was a 'Purge' of sorts happening.

Was Twitter Trying to "Purge" its Platform?

Twitter timelines suddenly filled with hashtags like #TwitterPurge and #TwitterCensorship. Twitter users were outraged at what appeared to be a massacre of hundreds of (mostly conservative) accounts. Decimation of hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of followers, gone in a blink, as one Twitter user said. There were about as many theories to explain what happened as there were lost followers.

Many Twitter Users were Panicked

Some people found themselves locked out of their accounts, forced to verify who they were only to come back to see their follower count had gone down drastically. So naturally, Conserva-Twitter decided it was a targeting of conservative accounts under the guise of ridding the Twittersphere of Russian bots. Not all believe that, but most have decided it was censorship, like Republican Representative from Georgia's 15th district Steven Smith:

And this guy:

He has a very valid point. Liberals are taking it hard that African Americans are leaving the Democrat plantation in droves. It seems like logical reasoning that they would try to eliminate the voices that are exposing them. Some people have not got a clue what happened and posted their bafflement along with a request to follow again.

Some people, like this lady, seem to be ok regarding followers, but lost the people she was following.

Will We Ever Know the Truth?

There has been some thought that, because of the differing and erratic behavior, it must be a glitch in Twitter's software. However, they still issued defiant tweets in the event that this was a literal purge. So far, no answer from Twitter or Jack Dorsey is forthcoming to set the record straight. However, we can, at least, be proactive, and take Educating Liberals' words to heart and become even stronger in the MAGA movement:

In case you were wondering, verified accounts were not spared. Conservative comedian Mudflap McGrew tweeted "Losing followers left and right.'
What Do We Do? The social media platforms are almost unanimously liberal leaning. Where does this leave conservative users? We must fight back! We must not give up our accounts and give into the pressure of the liberals. They want to silence our voice. They want to stop the Red Wave from Rising. If there is anything to be learned from what appears to be non-stop conservative targeting, its that they are aware of how much our voices matter.

Let this be a calling to pull together like never before. Conservative users across all Social media Platform need to band together. There are more of us than they realize. No, we are not bots, we are not fake. We are real; we are here, we are MAGA. Remember- United we Stand, Divided we fall.