bombard's body language
Since the 2016 election tech giants Facebook, Google and Twitter have targeted conservative websites and pundits by cutting their social media traffic, blocking their stories from going viral, demonetizing videos and shutting down accounts. This purge is similar to historic movements by totalitarian regimes.

In February Google banned several more conservative channels.

Bombards Body Language was a very popular conservative channel that had 265,000 YouTube subscribers.
Her channel was shut down due to her analysis of the Parkland High School student activists. She analyzed David Hogg's body language - one of the high school anti-gun activist leaders. Because of this YouTube shut her account down.

The Maestro Way reported on this termination.

YouTubers David Seaman, Richie Allen, and Colin Flaherty were also banned in the recent Google purge.

This is the new life we live in. Google decides what you will see and hear.


From a TGP reader - We get emails like this daily!
YouTube has been deleting videos and giving Ashton Whitty (@ashtonbirdie) bullying strikes too.

She's a 22 year old conservative in Berkeley with 70k subscribers