Matteo Salvini Italy lega

Matteo Salvini, leader of the Lega party. Lega is the most Euroskeptic party which openly talks about leaving the common currency and has promised fierce opposition against the Bruxelles “Tyrants”.
Salvini is already thinking about the future after the possible victory of the right-wing coalition in March. Salvini stated:
"In the first year of the Salvini government, the number is zero. We must digest an overdue amount of illegal immigrants, around half a million. The first option is to close our borders, from the Alps to Sicily. No more, you will not pass, stop. Nowadays Islam is danger"
Lega is one of the 3 parties in the right-wing coalition, whichever between Lega or Berlusconi's party (Forza Italia) will get the majority of votes in the coalition will decide the shape of the new government. Lega is not just about immigration, but also the most Euro-Skeptic party, a position strengthened after the latest introductions of 2 candidates: economists and university professors Claudio Borghi and Alberto Bagnai.

Lega's leader has lately strengthened his positions on certain topics like the Islamization of Europe and he is the only politician in Italy with the guts to condemn the whole ideology and call it for what it is, a danger and threat to Europe's people and culture. In the recent days, Salvini has praised American president Donald Trump and vowed to apply similar protectionist measures to favorite Italian production and industries while weakening companies who chose to relocate their factories.