Super Putin
Jeb Bush should be taking notes ...

A human moment during the grueling workdays that has the whole country wondering how he keeps it up ...

In the following clip, (with transcript include below) he is questioned as to what keeps him so energetic, and reveals his driving motivation.

Putin boxing
Train Attendant:

"Keeping abreast of the news, we see that your schedule is tight. Please share your secret of energy and optimism."


"There's sport. Not to be confused with spirit. You see, the difference is only in two letters. But, actually, the difference is colossal. You know, I think it is fair for every activity, absolutely, for yours, for mine, for any. If a person is purposeful, if a field brings them satisfaction, if a person feels that they achieve what they strive for, feels some feedback, understanding that their work isn't only pleasant to them, but useful for other people, all this encourages a person, spurs them and helps them to be productive."