Allie Stuckey conservative millennial
Conservative millennial blogger Allie Beth Stuckey has been causing shock waves on social media with her tough talk on liberals, feminists and college campus "safe spaces."

In a recent Facebook video, Stuckey absolutely ripped the state of higher education in America.

"Since when did college become a place for parents to ship their kids off to become indoctrinated and brainwashed?" Stuckey said. "Since when did professors stop teaching critical thinking and mental fortitude? Since when did it become more important to protect people from getting their feelings hurt than preparing for real life?"

"Because here's the deal, college students: there are no 'safe spaces' in real life."

On "Fox & Friends" today, Stuckey explained that she posted the video, which has more than 700,000 views on Facebook, because she's concerned about the growing problem of "oversensitivity" on college campuses.

"We're seeing these perpetually hurt feelings all over the country, and the scary thing is, you can't reason with these social justice warrior college students," Stuckey said. "Not because they have a good argument, but because they don't have one, because their protests and their riots are largely based on feelings and on a subjective interpretation of what's right and wrong."

She warned that they are actually adopting the same "self-righteous bigotry" that they're accusing conservatives of preaching.

"They are becoming the totalitarian fascists that use physical violence to shut down 'violent speech,'" Stuckey said. "It's extremely hard for me to understand how they don't see their own hypocrisy."