President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko promised the Ukrainians that they would "live in a new way" under his leadership. Indeed, the time has passed, now every Ukrainian feels all the 'delights' of European life.

According to Ukrainian media, statistics have been published, which says that stores lose about 1 - 1.5% of profit precisely because of theft. Store directors note that every year the theft is increasing, because prices are inexorably growing, so some are simply forced to take such a step. However, there are those who make money on this.

Disappointing statistics on thefts in Kiev were published by the deputy of the Kiev City Council Alexander Pabat. According to the metropolitan police data, in 2013 there were 1900 thefts from shops, in 2014 - 2,183, in 2015 - 2,609, and in 2016 even more - 2,897 thefts. This year, the figure promises to grow, since only in the first nine months of 2017 there were 2440 thefts registered.

Comment: This data is only one marker showing how the US and it's typically destructive intervention has affected Ukrainian life: Ukraine's fascist Neo-Nazi color revolution backed by U.S.

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"According to the latest experts' estimates, this year throughout the country, Ukrainians managed to steal goods for more than a billion hryvnias, as a rule, not only buyers but also the personnel themselves shoplift. According to Axis company, the main causes of losses in retail were: internal thefts - 33.3%, external thefts - 32.9%, administrative errors - 26.1%, vendor fraud - 7.6%," Mirror of the Week reports.

As practice shows, people mostly steal goods of small size, but rather expensive. Thus, in food stores, alcoholic beverages, sausages, cheeses, expensive sweets, etc., are most often stolen.

The motivation for shoplifters is different: some suffer from kleptomania and take everything that lies in temptation's way, but the percentage of such people is small enough. Basically, if it comes to food, it is stolen by people who do not have enough money to buy a particular product. As a rule, it is those people who are most often caught on theft.

"The reason for the high prices for food is all the risks that business in Ukraine generally has, including thefts, all of which are embedded in the price of the product. And because of these thieves we pay hundreds of hryvnias a month from our own pockets. On the other hand, impunity gives these people the opportunity to think that they are elusive. Somebody gets caught, somebody doesn't," Vladimir Podgornov, president of the Ukrainian Public Opinion Foundation said in a comment to Mirror of the Week. The expert also noted that the country now has a complex criminal situation and many small criminals. Also, social problems play a role: divorce, incomplete families, the morale of society becomes more complicated. It is because of this that a layer of semi-criminal medium can replenish.

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