zinkgat amsterdam

Sinkhole in Amsterdam on Nov 1st, 2017.
Sinkholes have started appearing in the Netherlands of late. While no official statistics are available, a dozen or more sinkholes have opened up in the country in the past few years, with one of the earliest being a small sinkhole in the city of Breda in April 2015.

Back in 2013, chances of sinkholes opening up in the Netherlands were described as "negligible" by Dutch geologist van Balen. Granted, van Balen referred specifically to the enormous sinkhole that appeared in Florida that swallowed a man, however, as it currently stands, there is no telling to what extent the Earth will 'open up' - even in this neck of the woods.

On November 1st, a large sinkhole appeared on a cycling path in the Marnixstraat, which lies in the center of Amsterdam. Luckily, no one was hurt. Parts of the cycling path as well as the sidewalk sunk. Trams and buses had to take a different route, while parts of the roads were closed off to fix the hole, (see image above and below).

The above sinkhole, and others that have appeared in the Netherlands have been attributed to broken waterlines. However, in the highly recommended book Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection another possible explanation is offered:
"While some sinkholes may indeed be due to the above-mentioned causes, how is it possible to explain the overall, sudden global increase in newly formed sinkholes? Is rock suddenly dissolving faster? Have sewers all of a sudden decided to collapse at the same time in widely divergent locations? [...]

Since none of the invoked causes can explain the sudden appearance of so many new sinkholes in so many different locations, we're left to consider that some new factor must underpin the sharp increase. It makes us wonder if the 'opening up' of the Earth is not this new factor." (p.137-138)
To get an idea of this worldwide phenomenon, see the following SOTT Worldview Map that shows the location of sinkholes that opened up so far this year and don't miss our monthly Earth Changes Summary videos!