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Just put the phone down.
Before writing this, I took a moment to scroll through my Facebook feed.

I don't do it often, and the five-minute browse was a welcome reminder why - Facebook sucks you in, and not in a good way.

Can you ever imagine for a minute that on your death-bed, you'll be thinking to yourself, 'I really wish I'd spent more time on Facebook'? No.

So for anyone who wastes hours a week on Facebook, here are five things I just saw in my feed, to remind you why you should probably put down your phone and do something else.

Someone you went to school with is doing better than you

Comparison is the thief of joy remember?

There is nothing guaranteed to make you feel awful about yourself like seeing one of your peers on a round the world trip or getting a promotion.

I mean sure, you're happy for them, but also kind of not.
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Stupid, pointless challenges

'Replace one word in a film title with the word bacon,' my Facebook feed told me, 'and then write the answer in a comment below.'

What's even worse is that I almost did it.

The Bacon Club?

Point Bacon?

Bacon at Tiffany's?

Pets doing ridiculous things

Or worse, people doing ridiculous things with their pets.

Like carrying them around in baby slings.

Women worrying about their clothes

OK, so you have a black tie event to go to in two months time. I literally do not care how worried you are about what you're going to wear.

Buy a dress, put it on, have fun. The end.

Ditto shoes. Ditto hair.