Saif Al Islam Al Ghadafi supporters
After speaking with the representative for the Great Tribes of Libya today, I would like to share the following updates on the current conditions on the ground in Libya.

First, there have been reports that ISIS is making a resurgence in the Sirte area of Libya, I was told today that this is completely bogus. The East, the South, the West through Sirte, the Southwest through Ghadames and other regions with the exception of the Tripoli areas and Misurata are cleansed of radical mercenaries and the Tribes continue to work together to clean any lingering pockets of criminals, radicals, militias and mercenaries.

Their problem in Tripoli is the UN puppet government. This so called government just came into Tripoli (by boat) and claimed itself as the government of Libya without any support or election by the Libyan people. The leader of the so called "Government of National Accord" (GNC) is Fayez al-Sarraj. Serraj is a man not respected or liked by the Libyan people; appointed by the UN outside of Libya to be the "Prime Minister" but without any authority or recognized power in Libya. That does not stop him from stealing from Libya, calling in airstrikes by the US, signing agreements with countries (Italy) and many other illegal acts. Since when does the UN get to appoint a government for a country, pick the people they want to be in charge and tell them what to do? The biggest problem with the GNC is that Serraj and his cohorts have joined hands with the radical militias from Misurata who were the rats and mercenaries who joined hands with Clinton, McCain and Obama to destroy Libya in 2011. They have also joined hands with Abdulhakem Belhaj, the radical Islamist terrorist who started the "Libyan Islamic Fighting Group" (LIFG) whose members are responsible for acts of terror world wide, the last act being the bombing in London this last May. Belhaj has stolen more than 1 billion dollars from Libya and is a big friend of the US war criminal, John McCain.

The Zionist puppet government (GNC) is slowly losing its grip on Libya and they are becoming quite desperate to continue their theft and control of Libya. Their latest scheme is a lame attempt to bring back the little Zionist puppet Basit Igtet. They are attempting to make him President of Libya while Serraj remains Prime Minister. The Great Tribes of Libya know this is a joke, they know that no Libyan will support this man who has not lived in Libya for the past 20 years. He was forced out because of his radical Islamic ties. His father was the Mufti (Sheik) for the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and was imprisoned for crimes against humanity in Libya (he is now dead). Basit Igtet is a big time Zionist, he is married to the daughter of one of the richest criminal Zionists in the world and he resides in Switzerland. He backed the destruction of Libya in 2011 and is supported by none other than John McCain. Igtet is planning a demonstration in Tripoli on September 25th to claim his power in Libya?? (what he says) and he is demanding security from the GNC for this demonstration because he knows the Libyan's hate him. This entire undertaking is a last desperate attempt for the Zionists to take control of Libya. There is a plan for a nation wide election next February, but the winner will not be a Zionist who plans to bring his Zionist wife to Libya. Read more about Igtet and his history here.

Next up, the lawyer for Dr. Saif Ghadafi and the Ghadafi family has filed a law suit in the courts of Tobruk against an House of Representatives member, Abu Bakr Baira, on charges of defamation. Unfortunately, the House of Representatives still has some "rats" inside and the Libyan people are sick and tired of these liars and thieves. The tribes expressed their disdain for the constant attack on the Ghadafi family and have demanded it to stop. The attorney for Dr. Saif and the Ghadafi family, Dr. Al-Zaidi, issued the below formal statement:

"Anyone who hurts the Ghadafii family will be prosecuted."

The lawyer of the late Libyan leader Muammer Ghadafi's family has revealed that he is currently preparing to file lawsuits against anyone who violates the family members or harasses them, whether through the media or otherwise abused the Ghadafi family, will be brought to trial successively after the integration of files pursued. Al-Zaidi said in a statement to Libya Channel 24 that MP Abu Bakr Baira will appear before the court on October 16 in the case of slander against his client Saif al-Islam al-Ghadafi asserting that he will personally appear before the Misdemeanor Department of the Tobruk District Court. If a lawyer is assigned to represent him, he is obliged to appear before the court. Al-Zaidi refused to make any statement in respect of the court and the conduct of the case. However, he stressed that the subject of the case is known to the public and the facts are fixed, as the case concerns the defendant's statement to the media and the slander against his client.

The Great Tribes of Libya continue their work to bring their country back under their control and to bring peace and security back to all the Libyan people. They are moving ahead on their plan, they are determined and driven to remove all invaders from their land and to put a government chosen by the Libyan people in charge of their country. It will happen, these are a people of an ancient and strong culture, they will not be defeated, they will not give up and they will not be tricked again.