antifa attack journalist
There is no shortage of hypocrisy to go around on the Left these days. My favorite is the endless harassing of Donald Trump for having the audacity to condemn violence on both sides of Charlottesville - the KKK, NeoNazis vs. BLM and Antifa.

This time it hits a little closer to home. They almost killed one of our own.

I am not talking about white people. I am not talking about people on the Right. I am not talking about a Jew. He may or not be all or none of these things.

His name is Keith, and he is a journalist.

I know that journalists are similar to the police, firefighters and the military. When journalists are embedded with soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan they die just as quickly when their caravans are attacked with IED's. When they go into Syria and Nigeria, ISIS makes a giant show of lopping their heads off.

I am not asking for sympathy, we signed up for this.

I am not propping up Journalists at the expense of others, merely commenting that journalists stand on the line to make sure that a well-informed public can make decisions.

I repeat, they stand on a line.

So like other professions that stand on a line, a special type of sadness/rage engulfs me when the enemy tries to take out one of my own. Make no mistake, he was not an innocent bystander. But, he was also not just in the wrong place and the wrong time.

He was targeted.

The enemy knew who he was.

They targeted him for having the audacity to stand on the line.

Keith was on that line in Berkeley when our own home grown terrorists, Antifa targeted him. You see, he isn't a member of CNN or MSNBC. He isn't complicit with giving these terrorists diplomatic cover while they try to kill their enemies. He doesn't benefit when President Obama says they just need good jobs or when Tariq Nashid praises them. He is a journalist, first and foremost, and he stood on the line to show the world what was happening, then he was almost killed.

These are Keith's own words to describe the attack.
antifa attack journalist
© Keith
What makes matters even worse, after a civilian helped him out, after he was left for dead, the civilian ran up to the Police and asked them for help.

They kept on walking as if they had not a care in the world.

I am not sure how it was in Hitler's Germany, that so many supposedly good people managed to go from indifference to complicity. Standing idly by as the country devolved into war and eventually genocide, but it happened.

Were those that warned it was coming written off as "alarmists"?

Was it that the Jews and Slavs and Gypsies were "lesser" or "evil" people so the population figured they deserved it on some level?

The only thing I am sure about is this. They needed to control the message.

Those questions will continue to to raise questions for a long time. But when the fat lady sings here I am sure she's going to ask in a mournful wail how we ignored the signs.

I am not aware of a situation in history, where a country, faced with too much liberty became a killing field. What I am sure of is that every single country in which Communism took over it was only a short amount of time before the killing started.

I think it is because people who value liberty, see the pursuit of happiness as a primary purpose in life. People who support communism are selfish entitled babies, who think that the entire world owes them, and if they aren't willing to give it up willingly, it is the moral failing of the world not the entitled child.

It isn't a big leap to get to a place where the world would be better off without those unwilling to let them have all the pleasures of the world without having to put in any of the work.

It is also said that a lie makes it halfway around the world before the truth even puts its shoes on.

Violence is the same way.

Those who value liberty see violence as a last resort. Those who see liberty as a threat use any and all means necessary to suppress and eliminate dissent.

This is a very empty feeling knowing that Keith, a fellow journalist, and a human being, was targeted for assassination. That his life was so meaningless to the Antifa cowards and the police that were sworn to protect him - they didn't find it necessary to help him.

I think this is how the founding fathers must have felt, knowing that, while they dreamed of peace, the winds of war were blowing.