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Rain, rain, rain. Rain on 70 out of 72 days! Large crops are lost.

"Same as start of the great famine of 1315," says reader.

In Western Norway it's been very wet in some places for 70 out of 72 days as the jet stream has increasingly taken a sojourn over Northwestern Europe, says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn.

70 out of 72 days! That's 97 percent!

How do you plant in weather like that? How do you harvest your crops? What will you feed your cattle if you're unable to harvest?

I feel very sorry for the farmers.

Meanwhile, in eastern Norway only six sites have seen temperatures exceed 30°C (86°F) so far this summer.

See weatheraction.com.

Thanks to Jimmy Walter for this link.

"Same as what happened during the great famine of 1315-1317, beginning the little ice age!" says Jimmy

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Gerd and Olaf have been farmers for almost 40 years. They have never experienced a worse summer.

"The animals do not want to go into this sh*t either," says Olaf. "And if they go, their teats get dirty, and then milk quality can be a problem."