Hillary clinton
Hillary Clinton is set to release a tell-all memoir about the 2016 election, and the title has a few people scratching their heads and/or laughing. Titled "What Happened," it will be an inside look at the 2016 election from Clinton's point of view. Clinton described the book as "the most personal" that she's written, and said that it will give readers perspective on what it's like to run for president as a woman. She said that she "let her guard down" when writing this book.

So this is...something. It should be noted that the book's title is stylized as "What Happened," and not as "What Happened?" or "What Happened?!," both of which would be equally appropriate titles for a book covering her utter disaster of a campaign. Clinton's collapse in the lead-up to Election Day is the stuff of legends, and probably will be studied for the next hundreds of years to pinpoint where exactly she went wrong. While Clinton hinted that she's going to focus on the Russian "hacking" throughout the book, it'll be interesting to see if she owns up to how she completely neglected the midwestern part of the country.

But meanwhile on Twitter, people had quite a bit of fun mocking the book title:

"What Happened" will be released on September 12.