TSA lobster
© Michael McCarthy / Twitter
Transportation security officials in the US are used to finding some weird, wonderful and downright strange items hidden away in passenger luggage. Monday was no different, but the discovery of a 20lb lobster may not be as odd as it sounds.

TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy tweeted a photo of an unnamed TSA official displaying a huge 20lb crustacean discovered in checked luggage at Boston's Logan International Airport.

Perhaps the strangest thing about the discovery is that it's not that strange at all, well apart from the sea creature's monstrous size.

Lobsters are apparently a common sight at New England airports and can either be brought onboard as carry-on or can be checked in.

The TSA told local media outlet WBZ-TV that the lobster was travelling in a cooler and is alive and well. The discovery, though interesting to many, did prompt some criticism from social media users curious to know why TSA officials were displaying passengers' private property, as no law had been breached.