Russian supermarket robbery
© ЧП 360 / YouTube
Footage of a failed robbery attempt at a Russian supermarket shows a cashier nonchalantly scanning groceries while being held at gunpoint, before the perpetrator leaves the store empty-handed like a guilty schoolboy.In the CCTV video from a grocery store in Moscow Region, the female cashier is seen serving a customer when an unmasked man, wearing a black coat and a hat, enters the shop and heads directly to the cash register. He then produces a gun and points it right at the cashier's head.

However, contrary to all expectations, no drama follows. Demonstrating tranquility worthy of a Buddhist monk, the woman continues to serve her customer, who also appears to be totally unmoved by the armed perpetrator.

The only person who seems concerned is a man who is seen entering the shop and retreating as soon as he notices the gun.

Help arrives in the form of a female store manager, who enters the frame in a business-like manner, takes the wannabe robber by the arm and sends him on his way without a fuss.

The whole scene takes less than one minute to unfold.

Although originally made public in February, the video has reemerged this week, generating nearly 700,000 views in a couple of days.

Police have since interviewed both the cashier and the perpetrator, broadcast by Russian 360 TV. The unlucky robber turned out to be a homeless man, who said he "went to the store to ask the cashier for 100 rubles" (less than $2), which he needed to buy alcohol for his girlfriend. To be more convincing, he used a gun, which turned out to be a toy pistol.

The cashier claimed that at the time, she did not know whether the gun was fake or real. Police also said the failed attacker had a criminal record, and had been convicted of robbery before.